Job Details Status Next Date
Museum at Home New "Museum at Home" section Waiting for first item Update sent 28 October
Group bookings calendar Adding bookings calendar for group bookings To be launched for new year - waiting for dates from Bridget Last email 16 November
Centenary Content to be added to celebrate centenary Waiting for confirmation re time to be scheduled Update sent 14 October
CRM/Membership Museum wants to offer membership with recurring payments and member-specific content Waiting for reply re proposal Update to be sent 20 October
Fossil Walks 2021 dates to be added to site Waiting for dates and times TBC
Book Sales Book to be added to shop Waiting for info TBC


Job Details Status Next Date
New design Creating new responsive theme for website In progress TBC
Fossil facts page Adding fossil facts to site Adding to live site To be completed by 2 December
Opening Times Updates to opening times / ticket sales In Progress Update to be sent by 24 November


Job Details Status Next Date
Plesiosaur make Add to make and do page Completed n/a
Mary Anning make Add to make and do page Completed n/a
Instructions for adding makes Create guide for adding makes Completed n/a
YouTube videos Adding videos to website Complete for the moment Updated 24 June 2020
Trustees Adding Charlotte Middleton to Trustees page Completed n/a
Home page wording Updating the home page wording Completed Updated 15 June
Fossil Walks Removing July and August dates from site Completed n/a
Fossil Walks Adding group bookings to Jul, Aug, Sep and deactivating Oct, Nov, Dec Completed Updated 19 June
Mary Anning Song Add video of song to site Added to news Update sent 19 June
Slavery Articles Removal / updating of articles Completed Completed 27 June
Home page wording Update to the home page wording Completed Updated 27 June
Online ticket sales Selling advance tickets for managing reopening of museum Completed Completed 30 June
Henry De La Beche Adding article and news item to site Completed Completed 3 July 2020
Risk Assessment Adding risk assessments to fossil walks Completed Completed 3 July 2020
Stats Prepare summary of stats Completed Completed 29 July
Videos Process video emails Completed
Family Booking Blocking off bookings for September 12th Completed
Updates Details in David's email from 28 August In progress Completed 1 September
Home Page Wording New wording provided by David Updating wording Completed
Nov and Dec Fossil Walks Activating walks with group tickets Completed Update to be sent 6 October
Admissions Tickets Reworking tickets available Opted for more simple approach Completed 27 October
Ammonite Adding details to site about film Think this has passed Update sent 22 September
Booking Numbers Confusion of having two booking numbers and notification emails Assume this is now resolved Update sent 8 October
Selling PDFs Selling PDFs of leaflets Considering this to be complete - no description provided TBC
Mary Anning Quiz Adding interactive quiz for site No mention of this for a while TBC once details provided
Tea and Conversation Uploading writing from Tea and conversation No mention of this for a while TBC once details provided
Google Analytics Goals Setting up goals for tracking in Google Analytics Completed Goal created 27 October 2020