Key Active Waiting Completed
Job Details Current Action Last Update Estimated Completion
CRM/Membership Museum wants to offer membership with recurring payments and member-specific content Waiting for reply re proposal 20 October 2020 waiting
Group bookings calendar Adding bookings calendar for group bookings To be launched for new year - waiting for dates from Bridget 16 November 2020 waiting
Fossil Walks 2021 dates to be added to site Completed 19 January 2021
Centenary Video and grid of smiling faces Completed 22 January 2021
Museum At Home Objects New "Museum at Home" section Completed 12 March 2021
Debbie Clarke Makes Could you put the attached two makes from Debbie Clarke on the Make and Do page of the website? Completed 6 January 2021 7 January 2021
Make and Do: Make A Model Ship Add Make a Model Ship resources to Make and Do page Completed (but possible update to image coming) 26 January 2021 26 January 2021
Postage Options Adjusting postage options for book and poster sales Waiting for reply from David 5 February 2021 waiting
Museum at Home Submissions Work submitted by participants Completed 9 April 2021
Web Hosting Resources Might be time to upgrade web hosting account Waiting for questions following quote 22 March 2021 31 July 2021
Volunteer Updates Content to update for volunteers Completed 24 April 2021
Fossil Walks April and May dates to activate Completed 17 March 2021
Fossil Walks Calendar of fossil walks to add 7 May 2021
Opening Times Update opening times on website and Google Completed 15 May 2021
Email Addresses New email addresses to create Completed 23 April 2021
High Tide Icon Icon to show high tide for days without fossil walk Completed 16 June 2021
Updates to Home Page List of changes in email from David Completed 14 May 2021
Functionality Review Reviewing website functionality Mapping out ideal scenario 7 June 30 June
Slide Update Updates to slide Completed 15 June
Resending Tickets Reviewing resending tickets and impact on numbers Testing 28 June 30 June
Collections & Research Update Content update In progess 30 June