Course Testimonials

A Curtain Academy student hard at work

Seven days of my life I will never forget. Thank you so much Estelle!
Jo, York - February 2007

Wonderful, exactly what I wanted. The whole experience has given me confidence to start up my own soft furnishings business! I have learned so much from Estelle and the lovely people on the course. Thanks x
Gail, Wigan - February 2007

A wonderful curtain making course. I learnt so much (especially how to make money!) Lovely people!
Di, West Lothian - February 2007

I learnt loads, an invaluable curtain making course!
Ally, Solihull - March 2007

Great 4 days. Ready to get going now! Best regards x
Estelle, Solihull - March 2007

Curtain Academy students working

Thank you for a great course. I am now really inspired! Thank you.
Sheryl, Coventry - March 2007

Great curtain making course with some fab tips. Many thanks Estelle.
Pauline, Solihull - March 2007

Thank you for a great course. Thanks xx
Elizabeth, Middlesex - March 2007

Thank you for a really helpful soft furnishings course. Also you were so kind to us. A delight! Inspiring!
Joanna, Bath - March 2007

Thank you so much. The curtain making course was great we picked up so many tips and feel much more confident to really take our business on. We'll keep in touch.
Ruth, Bath - March 2007

Curtain Academy students showing off their work

I really enjoyed the course, very interesting. Learnt a lot! Great teacher!
Anita, Chesterfield - April 2007

Thank you for a lovely week. A very inspiring soft furnishings course. I'm feeling more confident about my work now. I'm now looking forward to doing Roman Blinds.
Paula, Stoke-on-Trent - April 2007

I work for Dulux Decorator Centre in the interiors department and have completed the one week intensive curtain making course. I have had a lovely week and thoroughly enjoyed the curtain making course and meeting new people. I now feel that I can go on to confidently make all my own soft furnishings etc and do my job with more confidence than ever before. Estelle is also a lovely and pleasant teacher. Thank you.
Natalie, Derby - April 2007

Thank you for the warm welcome to your curtain making course. I found it very productive and effective. I was really looking forward to attending it and I was not disappointed! Thanks Estelle. Best wishes for the future.
Maria, London - June 2007

A really useful and enjoyable soft furnishings course, thank you!
Lucy, Eastbourne - June 2007

A group of happy Curtain Academy students

Thank you for an excellent curtain making course. I can't wait to get started now! Hope to come back for the swags and tails course!
Helen, West Sussex - July 2007

Thanks Estelle, I had a great week. The curtain making course was very enjoyable and informative. Look forward to meeting up in January at the NEC Interiors exhibition. Keep in touch xxx
Coleen, Ireland - July 2007

Thanks for a great week, really enjoyed it, such a laugh! I will keep in touch. Thanks again.
Alison, Derby - July 2007

Thanks for a really fantastic week. You've looked after us so well and given us such a lovely experience. I didn't want the week to end. Looking forward to getting out there! All the best with the curtain making DVDs. Thanks a million x
Jo, Epworth - July 2007

A wonderful soft furnishings course! I don't think I have ever enjoyed a course so much. Thanks to Estelle and fellow learners.
Claire, Rotherham - September 2007

Curtain Academy students proudly presenting their work

I enjoyed the curtain making course so much I would recommend it to any one. Thank you.
Mertis, Middlesex - September 2007

The course was great fun. I can't wait to get started at home. You've made curtain making seem so easy, many thanks. I'll spread the word!
Sue, Buxton - September 2007

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative soft furnishings course, sorry it came to an end. I will definitely recommend.
Jan, Birmingham - September 2007

Estelle is fabulous and very patient! I have really enjoyed my week and would recommend the course to anyone. I'm really looking forward to my next career in soft furnishings! All the best Estelle.
Leah, East Yorkshire - September 2007

Curtain Academy students

A unique experience. The curtain making course lived up to and exceeded my expectations. It was fun and hard work. I feel exhilarated and ready to get going with my soft furnishings business. Estelle's enthusiasm is infectious. Many thanks.
Joanne, Doncaster - September 2007

Estelle is a great teacher and very patient. Good fun and a great curtain making course! Thanks for your time x
Nicole, Southport - September 2007

An excellent soft furnishings course. Learnt lots but without being pressurised. A great experience and I look forward to returning for the swags and tails course! Thanks Estelle x
Nadine, Lincolnshire - October 2007

I have really enjoyed the course, it has been excellent. It has given me such a boost. Let me know when you are doing the advanced curtain making course. You are such a lovely person Estelle you make the course so pleasurable.
Lesley, Fareham - October 2007

Curtain Academy students showing the results of their hard work

The week just "buzzed." Great company, lots of laughs and we managed to learn how to make curtains at the same time. Thank you so much.
Heather, Sheffield - November 2007

Thanks for a fabulous week. So good to be with a group of girls who all like stroking fabric! Great fun! Hurry up and organise the swags and tails course!
Hannah, Sheffield - November 2007

I never thought it possible to complete the curtain making course with my lack of experience and knowledge but I loved every minute. Thank you.
Lisa, Derby - November 2007

Thank you for a wonderful soft furnishings course, my head is spinning with ideas now!
Jane, Surrey - November 2007

Thank you very much for an excellent curtain making course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Natasha, Luton - November 2007

Curtain Academy students

Thank you for a great curtain making course. I have learnt loads of new skills and can't wait to start sewing!
Kay, Belper - November 2007

Thank you very much. I have really enjoyed the curtain making course and can't wait to get started x
Sharon, November 2007

I have had a brilliant week and feel I have learnt masses in a friendly but professional environment. Many thanks I will go home inspired!
Gill, Shropshire - December 2007

Thank you ever so much. Honestly this has been the best experience I have had in years, meeting someone so real and accommodating as you. I will keep in touch.
Abi, Kent - December 2007

Thanks for a very enjoyable week. I've had a laugh but still learnt loads. It's been a very good experience. Thanks again xx
Rabbia, Rochdale - January 2008

Curtain Academy students

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Loved every minute of the curtain making course! If it moves I'll put fabric round it! Thanks a lot xxx
Vicky, January 2008

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Very patient! I learnt a lot. Thanks x
Sarah, Kent - January 2008

A very enjoyable curtain making course, learnt a lot from a lovely patient teacher. Keep up the good work Estelle! X
Laura, Kent - January 2008

Thank you for your soft furnishings course. You have opened up a new world and new life for me.
Lucia, London - January 2008

A fabulous soft furnishings course, learnt lots. Thank you.
Trish, February 2008

A brilliant course learnt everything I wanted to know. Thank you Estelle for being a brilliant teacher.
Judith, February 2008

A wonderful and inspiring curtain making course, thank you.
Nicky, Suffolk - February 2008

A truly fabulous curtain making course, I can't wait to get started. Thank you for everything.
Sonia, Birmingham - February 2008

Inspirational!!! Thank you for your patience. I can't believe I can do all the hand stitching! X
Jackie, February 2008

A fantastic soft furnishings course! It's good to have gained a skill to improve interiors. Thank you.
Jasbir. February 2008

A fabulous course! I learnt a lot and would love to do the swags and tails course. Many thanks Estelle. Well done.
Alison, Surrey - February 2008

I was really looking forward to doing this curtain making course and I wasn't disappointed. I have learnt so much. Thanks Estelle.
Bev Walker, Birmingham - September 2011

I've had a fantastic week! Estelle is brilliant, very easy to talk to and get on with. I've learnt tonnes and found this soft furnishings course very valuable. I highly recommend it to anyone!
Clementine Hillman, Brecon Powys - October 2011

This has been a brilliant curtain making course. Despite having 40 years experience of making my own curtains, I now feel I am armed with the knowledge and tricks of the trade, which will give me the confidence to start my own curtain making business from home. Thank you Estelle - you are a real sweetheart and a star!!! X
Gill Balmforth, West Yorkshire - October 2011

I've had a fantastic couple of weekends. Estelle has made it so enjoyable to learn. I'm really looking forward to the next curtain making course! Cheers Estelle!
Kerry Pytlik, Warwickshire - October 2011

A fantastic soft furnishings course! I really enjoyed learning all the skills needed. I also gained lots of ideas for starting my own curtain making business. Thanks Estelle.
Anna West, Kent - October 2011

Thank you so much for a really great curtain making course. I feel I have learnt so much in just four days in a really friendly and enjoyable way. Best Wishes,
Cheryl Right, Lichfield - January 2012

Once again many thanks for a great week. I really enjoyed your teaching style and wish you loads of luck with your future plans. Kindest regards,
Janeen Henderson, Tamworth - January 2012

A huge thank you for a fantastic week! What I've learnt has been amazing. A great curtain making course with great students but most of all a great teacher! Thank you.
Sharon Cunningham MBE, Devon - January 2012

Thank you for everything. The curtain making course was an excellent experience. Keep up the good work! May God bless you.
Prabhjot Singh, Canada - January 2012