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Job Description Status
Header - Logo and Dropdown Menu
  • Larger logo added
  • Two levels of menu added (top items and dropdown)
  • QUESTION: Do we need to include individual artists names off of "artists" dropdown item? - answer "no"
Banner Changed to a slider Completed
Intro Section Completed
Artists Boxes Completed
Mailing List Signup Section I have refined how this looks for all screen sizes Completed
Mailing List Popup Completed
Footer Sections Completed


Job Description Status
About Page

The About Page is in place.

I have updated the images as requested.


Art Section


Job Description Status
Exhibitions Content I have worked through the exhibitions making sure all the content is in place and they are connected to the individual items Completed
Main Exhibitions Page

Have got the exhibitions feeding through to the main exhibitions page

Individual Exhibition Page

See Emma Dunbar Exhibition for an example.



Job Description Status
Artists Content I have worked through the artists making sure all the content is in place and they are connected to the individual items First run-through complete, but will be reviewing again at the Testing and Refinement stage

I've got the artists feeding through to the home page

Main Artists Page

Have got the artists feeding through to the main artists page

Individual Artist Page

See Emma Dunbar for an example.


Individual Item Pages

Job Description Status
Heading with Sold Icon Completed
Main Image I've got one image displaying - I know that you would like a rollover effect to display a second image. I'm not ignoring this as a request, but will be tackling it as a refinement when the absolute essentials are in place. To Be Addressed Post-Launch
Details Completed
Enquire Button Completed
Social Sharing Completed
Item Content Up-to-date as of 2 July Completed

Virtual Tours

Job Description Status
3d virtual tours

3d virutal reality tours page in place


Makers Shop

Job Description Status
Set up the ecommerce section Completed


Job Description Status
News Blog

The News section has been added


Contact Us

Job Description Status
Phone Number to be displayed as +44 (0)1736 874749 Completed

Multilingual Support

Job Description Status
WPML Plugin This is installed and the site is partially translated. I am waiting for the site to go live before completing the autotranslation. To Be Competed Post-Launch

Privacy Policy and Cookie Alert

Job Description Status
Privacy Policy Completed

Mobile Compatibility

Job Description Status
Tablet and Moble Phone Testing Waiting for feedback

Testing and Refinement

Job Description Status


Job Description Status
Google Analytics Upgrade to GA4 and add tracking to site
Google Fonts Install OMGF plugin
Akismet Activate Akismet plugin and connect to site
Makers Shop Orders and Customers Import WooCommerce Orders and Customers into new site
Makers Shop Emails Update email address used for inventory and orders to use Sarah's
WooCommerce / Mailchimp Connection Connect Mailchimp for WooCommerce to Mailchimp and sync
Stripe Test stripe payments and refunds
Contact Form Test contact form
Translations Complete autotranslation of site

Post Launch

Job Description Status
Image rollovers
Review how to disable content
Review speed

Do a speed test

Where are we with the hosting?

Do I need to add a caching plugin?

Make recommendations re image sizing